The other side of Los Angeles County

There is a lot I could say about Los Angeles County:  It is the most populous county in the country.  It contains the City of Los Angeles.  It has the highest total number of movie stars and movie star wannabes of any county in the world.

It also has a bizarre and under-appreciated backcountry.

Antelope Valley

Los Angeles County covers a hugely diverse expanse of land from the Pacific Coast to the Mojave Desert, with the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains in between.  Most Angelenos are probably completely unaware that, a short drive away, they can escape the oppressive smothering crowds of Los Angeles and breath in the fresh, crisp high-altitude air of the Antelope Valley, pictured above.

It is currently wildflower season in the Antelope Valley, and while I don’t have any pictures of it yet, I do plan on going down there in a week or two and posting more pictures of the Antelope Valley.  In the meantime, here is Devil’s Punchbowl:

Devil's Punchbowl


My entry on Los Angeles is woefully incomplete.  It has so much more to offer us beyond what the city provides.  It will come soon, I hope.

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